The design competition of Baghe-Shomal park in Tabriz

The design competition of Baghe-Shomal park in Tabriz

Landscape as a whole, provided a human-made bed for the artifact elements to be accompanied and gives them a sense of place. “Ken Taylor – Landscape Architect”

Tabriz municipality intends to make the Baghe-Shomal park with an area of approximately 10 hectares available for the citizens by holding an international competition with the aim of achieving innovative and creative ideas in the field of landscape design, modeling and place-making in order to urban lungs recovery and regeneration of green spaces and Tabriz’s Baghe-Shomal in the past.

In this regard, we invite all active individual and legal people in the field of landscape design, architecture and urban design to present and send their proposed projects in the following technical framework. The competition is held in one detailed design stage.

Competition conditions

– It is free for all the interested participants to join the competition.

– The present competition is free and in one stage.

– About the legal people and the participating groups the secretariat of the competition will officially recognize a person who is registered as a head of a group (as the go-between person).

– The required information will be received and downloaded via the internet through http://m3.tabriz.ir.

– The competition organizer is allowed to appropriately publish the designs after finishing of the competition and by mentioning the design owner specifications.

– The competition organizer will reserve all rights of selected works in all sections based on the law on protecting the authors’, artists’ and writers’ rights.

– The works which are sent to the secretariat of the competition after the deadline will not be put into effect.

– Sending the works by the participants is regarded as acceptance of the competition conditions.

– None of the works sent to the secretariat of the competition will be returned to their owners after the completion of the arbitration.

This competition will be held under the supervision of the Permanent Secretariat of Architectural and Urbanism competitions and within the framework of Comprehensive Regulations of Conducting architectural and urbanism competition approved by the session 513 of the Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution, dated 2002/05/10.

– The responsibility for reviewing the authenticity of the works is with the honorable judge of the competition, and the complaints received to the secretariat will be reviewed by the honorable tribunal and will be announced.

– Registration at the same time as sending documents to the Secretariat by completing the registration form (attached to the required files).

Design specific criteria:

1. The existence of innovation and creativity in harmony with the filed and context of design, ideation and having aesthetic values.

2. Creating a dynamic and alive urban space.

3. Presenting climate comfort for pedestrians and tourists and considering the geographical, natural and climatic criteria of the site.

4. Possibility of the designs in terms of execution.

5. Making a proper relation between the locations of the urban railway station in the south of the site.

6. Coordinating with the historical context of the Tabriz’s Baghe-Shomal area.

7. Proper zoning and considering the proper view for various activities.

8. Observing the landscape architecture and green places’ standards.

9. Paying attention to the modern technology and materials.

10. Creating the appropriate space circulation.

11. Night lighting of the site.

12. Using suitable elements, furniture and fountains.

13. Space designing along with creating the specified entrances.

14. Observing the rules and regulations related to the disable people.

Required documents to Participate in the Competition

 Completed form of the competition participation

 Copy of birth certificate, national card and personal photographs of the participant / participants
 Presentation of Landscape in the form of sheets of 100 * 70 foam board

 Presentation of the landscape design and its explanation in two A4 sheets

 Presentation of Sheets from Ideas to Concepts, Zoning Plan, Lighting Plan, Water Plan, Green Planning, Leveling Plan, Composition Plan and Design sections for each of the Plans on a Proper and Readable Scale

 Presentation of the landscape design files in appropriate scale, at least 5 numbers of 3D images of different angles of the design, architectural site plan (phase 1) and scan of identification documents in CD format. Photos will be saved as JPEG or TIF and 300DPI types.

 On none of the documents except the competition participation form will be mentioned the name or any writing or designer/company logo. The competition name, designer name, address, phone number and email must be only written on the sent package in order to guarantee the participants’ rights and the accuracy of arbitration.

 The presentation of the Model or animation is optional

 The works which have their participants’ name and specifications on their design sheets will not be received.

 The files are available as the status of the site, topography of the site and … to guide the participants and The design is based on a file called site. deg in an area of 99,000 square meters sending the documents.

 Receive the works by posting or visiting the Secretariat of the competition.

 The organizer has no responsibility and liability against any delay or damage to the documents before the delivery to the secretariat.

Time Line:
Start calling: 02.05.2018
Start getting the documents: 16.07.2018
Last chance for sending documents: 26.07.2018
The results of the arbitration: 03.08.2018

Refree committee:
Dr Homa Irani Behbahani
Eng Iraj Kalantari
Dr Mohsen feyzi
Eng Seyed Mohammad Beheshti
Dr Morteza Mirgholami
Dr Sahar Tufan (superseder)

Competition Awards:
First place: 5000 $
Second place: 4000$
Third place: 3000$
4th place: Appreciation
5th place: Appreciation

Employer: Municipality of Zone 3

Competition manager: gholamreza Irani

Organizer :

Municipality of Zone 3 (Morteza Movahhed) & Urbanism & Architecture Deputy, Tabriz Municipality (Mohammad Ezzati)

Secretariat address:
Municipality of Zone 3, Between Reslat St & Laleh sq , Azadi ave, Tabriz, iran.
Postal code: 5178741471
Phone: 00984143403343

For more information visit the Municipality of Zone 3 site: http://m3.tabriz.ir Email: m3park@tabriz.ir