Confirmation of PGDE Completion

Full Name of the Student : Mohamed Niyas Fathima Zulfa
Index No : SLPGDE/20/21/006
Name of the Programme : Postgraduate Diploma in Education
Date of Enrollment : 09th January, 2020
Date of Completion (Effective Date): 30th June, 2021
PG Diploma Award Date : 09th February, 2022

  This is to certify that Ms. M.N.F. Zulfa, Holder of Sri Lankan NIC No. 908141814V, has successfully completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Education and obtained the following grades at the final examination of this programme conducted by Sri Lanka branch of Al-Mustafa International University, IRI.

Subject Code Course Title Grade
EDU1001 Principles & Problems of Education A+
EDU1002 Philosophy of Education A
EDU1003 Sociology of Education B+
EDU1004 Educational Psychology A+
EDU1005 Guidance & Counseling in Education A+
EDU1006 Teaching Methodology A+
EDU1007 Educational Technology A
EDU1008 Comparative Education A
EDU1009 Educational Measurement and Evaluation B+
EDU1010 Educational Administration & Management A+
EDU1011 Child Rights B+
EDU1012 Teaching Practice A+
EDU1013 Final Project A

Final Results      :      Distinction Pass

Effective Date    :     30th of June 2021