Call for MA in Educational Management Admission

Call for MA in Educational Management Admission

The AL Mustafa International University, Tehran campus is admitting students in its MA program in Educational Management through interview. Those interested who are eligible can apply for this program.

Features of the program
1. This program has been planned for International male applicants.
2. It is a full-time program to be held in Tehran, Iran.
3. The program will be held in English.
Note: The medium of instruction will be English and the students are required to write their term

papers and thesis in English.
4. The program will be conducted in 5 semesters. This includes the completion of the thesis.
Note: The students don’t have to stay in Iran while they are working on their thesis.
5. The program begins in Winter semester (January, 2019) of the academic year (1397-1398, Iranian Calendar).
6. Awarding an official certificate, approved by the Iran ministry of education to graduate students.

Requirements of the applicants
1. Having the general requirements mentioned in Admission and measurement Manual
2. Being a BA graduate
3. Proficiency in English
4. Meeting the academic standards of the interview
Note 1: Depending on the conditions of the applicants, there is the possibility of online interview (e.g. Skype).
Note 2: The applicants will be informed about the result of the interview and the final result via their email.

Application procedure and the required documents
The applicants are required to fill out the application form and upload the relevant materials including their personal photo in a transparent background, along with their BA certificate, a passport picture or the residence permit in the admission section of the MIU website.

Important Note:
Since the program beings in the Winter semester (1397-1398 academic year, Iranian Calendar), the application procedure begins on 17 November, 2018 and ends on 30 November, 2018 through the following web address http://sampa.miu.ac.ir.
The applicants who are admitted to the program will be informed about Visa and residence permit procedure after final results are announced.

Program fee
The fee for the whole program (5 semesters including the thesis) is 3000 Euros.
Note: Students wishing to apply for scholarship are required to send their scholarship request along with their resume and recommendation letter prior to the beginning of the program. The admission committee will decide in this regard.

For more information about financial issues and student scholarship contact:

Services and support

Welfare Services:
 Free of charge accommodation for single students in MIU Tehran campus dormitory
 Food allowance will be provided.
 One times travel allowance will be taken care of only for students who do not reside in Iran.

Health care services
 Health care insurance card (free of charge)
 Complementary insurance (the admitted students will be informed about the details later)

Academic Support
 Short term courses will be held in top academic centers (free of charge)
 the graduate of the program will be recommended to educational centers in their own country
 Scientific and specialized seminars will be held for the students.
 The students will have the opportunity to visit educational and academic centers involved in

educational management
 Additional Financial support will be provided for top students of the program
 Financial support will be provided for the students whose topic of thesis is chosen from the topics announced by the education department.
 For further information visit: http://tehran.miu.ac.ir/

Our contact details:
 E-mail: tehran@miu.ac.ir ; tehran.miu.ac.ir@gmail.com Tel: +982188310226