Call for BA, MA, PhD in Islamic Fields of Study

Call for BA, MA, PhD in Islamic Fields of Study

(Opportunity for Studying in Islamic Republic of Iran – Gorgan Branch of MIU Iran)

The Gorgan Branch of Al-Mustafa International University

This branch was established at 1375 to meet the main objectives of Al-Mustafa International University on the one hand and fulfill the demands of the Muslim young generation from different countries, interested in Islamic Studies, on the other hand. It began its educational, research and cultural activities based on the principality of the Quranic doctrines, the prophet’s traditions. Fortunately, this branch, due to providing a peaceful and coexisting atmosphere towards religious diversity, has offered a stunning record of graduation of numerous students on Islamic studies. By taking recourse to the Will of Allah, the Almighty, this branch has successfully developed relevant infrastructures in both spheres of software and hardware.

The infrastructures of conducting Islamic studies particularly those of denominations are in line with the long-term prospects of al-Mustafa International University, Gorgan city in Iran. Hitherto, it has the capacity to accept and accommodate 4000 students. Thanks to Allah’s infinite mercy and with the provision of necessary facilities, we have taken steps forward to meet the vital objectives of MIU Iran, promote the agenda of Islamic teachings and realize a practical example from the proximity of Islamic denominations.

The Important Features of MIU (Gorgan Branch)

1. Showing the practical manifestation of religious proximity via holding due and appropriate religious, conventional and cultural programs appropriate to the conditions and requirements of followers of Islamic sects.

2. Providing a peaceful co-existing ambience for the students of different faith and nationalities to live in total harmony and Islamic brother-hood.

3. Providing the opportunity for the postgraduate students to shoulder executive and managerial positions, to teach and present programs.

4. Active participation of students in various programs in the form of scientific, cultural and research forums and guilds.

5. Having experienced professors from different nationalities and Islamic denominations.

6. The existence of specialized library with genuine sources from all Islamic denominations.

7. Paying attention to train memorizers and reciters of the Quran and help them master the Quranic Sciences.

8. Designing and applying particular educational system (religious and simultaneous) at various levels with the approximation approach.

9. Enjoying the company and contribution of the great local Sunnite scholars in achieving the pre-defined objectives and programs.

General Conditions for Long-Term Courses

Believing the religion of Islam

Abiding by the laws and regulations of Al-Mustafa International University and its affiliated schools

Possessing moral and religious eligibilities

Possessing necessary physical and mental health required for education

Being subject to no legal impediment to stay or acquire education in Iran

Having G.C.E O/L and G.C.E A/L or Equivalents

Specific Conditions for Preliminary and Bachelor levels

Being accepted in the written and oral exams

Brothers: only those who are between 18-27 years old are eligible

The minimum age of 18 and maximum age of 22 for sisters (The wives of seminary students, the maximum age of 30)

Specific Conditions for M.A. Levels

Having 35 years old, at maximum

Holding B.A. Degree

Undergoing a commitment to complete either of the Arabic or Persian course

Getting the required marks in both the written and oral exams

Specific Conditions for Doctoral Levels

Succeeding in the test and scientific interview

Holding a valid M.A. Degree or its equivalent from Seminary schools

Meeting the required conditions of continuing one’s education based on the regulations of al-Mustafa International University

Signing a contract of scientific and educational cooperation with al-Mustafa for twice the years of studying

Good knowledge in Arabic Languages

The Registration Process

Submitting the following necessary documents:

A. The copy of a valid ID card/ Passport.

B. Color photo 3 by 4, full face portrait, and taken recently.

C. The academic degree with the scores obtained.

D. Submission of the documents to use the privileged priorities.

Acceptance Priorities

Having Memorized the Quran and Hadith

The postgraduate students of al-Mustafa International University’s affiliated academic centers worldwide

Holders of degrees higher than diploma

The applicants familiar with or competent in international languages

Activists of religious, cultural and social areas

The couples who meet the required conditions