Event on Eye Donation in Batticaloa Regional Center

Event on Eye Donation in Batticaloa Regional Center

Our Batticaloa regional center “International Institute for Psychological & Multi Studies” (IIPMS) and it’s welfare organization “Psycho Social Supporting Shelter” (PSSS) have been involved in mental health social work for more than two decades and it has also been carrying out many humanitarian missions through social works of life-saving blood donation.

In this regard, for the first time, our reginal center and it’s welfare organization had organized an event on 10/04/2022 to obtain membership for eye donation after death at the Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society.

Mrs. Thevaranjini Francis, rector of our regional center (IIPMS), presided this event and Ms. Dayalakumar Gowri, Member of the Batticaloa Municipal Council was the quest of honour and she had an inspiration talk on “What is Community Service?”.

Finally, 28 members had received the membership for eye donation at the Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society in IIPMS.

It is worth mentioning that the following various training programs will be held in our Batticaloa regional center from 2017.

1. Diploma in Psychology and Counseling
2. Diploma in Human Rights
3. Diploma in English
4. Diploma in Sinhala