About us

About us

MIU in Sri Lanka

Mustafa International University is really proud to have introduced a wide range of courses to Sri Lanka. The Mustafa College of Humanities Studies is an incorporated educational institute in Sri Lanka which provides knowledge hungry youth the ideal educational solution in human science in a modern atmosphere with a touch of moral values and insight.

Mustafa College of Humanities Studies has been given the University Grant’s Commission (UGC) approval to provide degrees, diplomas and certificate programs. Mustafa College further holds the recognition of the International Association of Universities (IAU), International Association of University Presidents (IAUP), Association of Universities in Asia Pacific (AUAP) and the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW).


Courses and Programs of Study

Mustafa International University offers a wide range of under graduate degree programs, Master’s degree programs and PhDs, 2 year diplomas and certificate programs in 139 fields of study. MIU has produced over 50,000 graduates across 108 countries in various disciplines of study.

Mustafa International University further emphasizes intellectual excellence opening new landscapes of knowledge and provides a brilliant platform for innovative research and development. Providing translations for traditional sources into multiple languages is one of the main policies at the Mustafa International University. The Embassies and Consulates of the Islamic Republic of Iran offer the necessary criterion needed for students seeking education at our institutes.

Degree Awarding Institution

Degrees and Diplomas provided by MCHS are approved by the senate of Mustafa International University in Iran. Mustafa International University of Iran is well-known for its academic excellence.

MCHS is fully aware that we owe it to ourselves and to the next generation to provide education related to the environment and everything surrounding us so that the new generation could prosper with it to a sustainable world that benefits all. We at MCHS look forward to provide the facilities and developments to the students to improve their knowledge for a sustainable future.

Future of MIU in Sri Lanka

MIU expects to introduce courses within the Humanities category, in addition to modern humanities studies in

  • Diploma
  • Higher advanced diploma
  • Certificate levels.

Students will get high quality education coupled with modern day technology and state of the art facilities.Wider range of opportunities is ensured for graduates upon the completion of the programs offered by MCHS.