LLB – Bachelor of Law (Hons)

LLB – Bachelor of Law (Hons)

Bachelor of Laws (Hons) degree program

Al Mustafa International University has been offering the Bachelor of Laws (Hons) Degree since 2013. The program aims to provide a sound knowledge on different areas of law.

Aims and Rationale of the Program

Overall, the program is designed to enable students to learn in a practical context with a focus on employability, whilst achieving appropriate academic standards and developing critical intellectual skills.

The aims and objectives of the program are as follows:

  • To develop student knowledge and understanding of the Legal system, the foundations of Legal Knowledge and different areas of law;
  • To assist students to achieve key intellectual skills such as analytical skills, legal reasoning, problem solving,  investigation and critical thinking;
  • To equip students with necessary skills on applying relevant legal principles to problem situations;
  • To provide students with an insight into the advocacy skills, presentation skills, professional ethics and attitudes necessary for the practice of law;
  • To develop students awareness of the social, business and commercial context within the Sri Lanka and global legal services market;
  • To develop skills in law based research and the ability to work within a multidisciplinary society.
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