Inspiration by the Academic Consultant

Inspiration by the Academic Consultant


It is with great pleasure that set down to pen this short message to the web-site journal of Al Mustafa International University, Sri Lanka Branch, Colombo 3.

In the last few years, particularly from 2013, Al Mustafa International University in Iran has firmly laid one of its Branches in Sri Lanka and functions as a leading institution to promote education and knowledge in different segments of the society by providing dedicated services in the field of higher education. Since its inception in Sri Lanka, the MIU has undertaken several sections of university education, with the approval of the University Grant Commission, and recognition of international Organizations.

The hallmark activity of the MIU is the Legal Department which successfully conducts courses in LLB (Hons.), Diploma in Law and Diploma in Human Rights. Besides, Degrees and Diplomas in Business Management, Internal and External Degree and Diploma in Political Science; Decrees in Islamic Studies are a few notable courses presently conducted by the MIU in addition to offering Diplomas in Teacher Training, Psychology and professional Counselling. The lecturers are well qualified and eminent personalities in the respective field.

A separate department has been conducting courses and offering Diplomas in English, Persian and Arabic languages to develop the linguistic ability of the students.

A distinctive feature of the MIU is the welfare of the students which reflects in the facilities provided for the students and the course fees levied. At the end of the courses, the deserving students are granted valuable certificates, grants and scholarships.

I am happy that the Marketing unit of the MIU is doing a yeoman service in their activities and I wish them every success.

Mr. U. L. Abdul Majeed
(Retired High Court Judge & Chairmen of Waqf Tribunal)
Academic Consultant and Deputy Head of Board of Studies,
Al Mustafa International University Sri Lanka Branch,
Colombo 3.